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Staff recruitment

Post  yoursong on 13th March 2012, 10:51 am

Hello (again)! Announcement everyone!

Since this forum is a new forum for Kyuhyun/Jongwoon, we are currently still searching for admins.

At this time we need someone who have an ability in:

♥️ Graphic Design
You will be one of our CHOIR. Please send us one of your design (screen shot).

♥️ Photography
Does not mean you can attend all of their schedules, but if you by any chance going to attend their concerts or schedule and catch Kyuhyun/Yesung moments and if you kind enough to send us your photo. It will be great!

Just send me or babiettangkoma (because she is the moderator) an inbox and we will tell you where you should send your photos. We will responsible for editing your photos and water-marking with VoiceYourSong and your preferred name.

If you want to be our CHOIR Photographer, you should mostly attend their concerts/schedules.

♥️ Editing photos
We need your help to edit those photographers' photos. You will be included in CHOIR Photographer team. Please send us two of the photos you have edited.

♥️ Fan-arts
For those who is into arts, chibi, anime, animation and stuff. Please send us two of the arts you have made.

For you who are interested with joining our team; please send your works to
Subject: VYS Staff
Account name: (in VoiceYourSong)
The position you want to take:
(then upload the files)

We hope you will join us!
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