Basic Rules

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Basic Rules

Post  yoursong on 8th March 2012, 8:22 am

Basic rules:

- Please write every topics and replies with English.

- Do not use any curses words for your username.

- Do not talk about private problems in every topics.

- Do not criticize anybody in any topics, replies, and categories.

Posting rules:

- Please use "Photobucket" if you want to upload any pictures to this forum.

- You are only allowed to post 1 big picture and leave the rest in thumbnails in one post. This will help the other members who have slowe internet connection to be able to have faster loading.

- You are only allowed to post 1 big picture & 15 thumbnails in one post! again, the purpose of doing this is to help other members who have slower internet connection be be able to have a faster loading

- You are only allowed to embedded one Youtube video [youtube][/youtube]. While leave the rest in links.

- No double posting. If you accidentally double posting, please delete one of the post.

- No duplicate account allowed in this forum. If we found any duplicate account, we need to remove one of those accounts.

- To make the New Topic, please write regarding their Category

[PIC] = Normal Picture (Low-Normal Quality)
[HQ] = High Quality or Big-Size Picture
[Scan] = Scan Picture
[Cap] = Capture Pictures from Live, Clip, etc.
[Vid] = News Clip, Scoop, etc. (Except. Live Performance)
[Live] = Live Performance

P.s : Do not post any content, picture, video, clip, sound, etc. which have Copyright.

Credit rules:

We should learn how to appreciate other people works by giving them credits.

- You may share anything regarding Kyuhyun/Yesung, but please do write the credits and do not remove or edit anything. We should appreciate the others works.

- You may post any Kyuhyun/Yesung stories and/or arts. But if those things are not your own work, please do put a credit from where you had take it.

- For VoiceYourSong member who’s save the pictures, videos, clips, news or any contents from another website, please give all of their credit and follow their rules. If they are disallow to re-post or re-upload PLEASE DO NOT re-upload and post at VoiceYourSong. Please follow our and another website rules.

- All the VOICE YOUR SONG exclusive photographs and videos are VOICE YOUR SONG copyrights.

- Please take out any exclusive photographs with full credits.

-Do not modify the picture.

-Do not remove our logo.

-Do not hotlink.

- Do not use the pictures for any commercial purposes.

Avatar and Signature rules:

- Avatar is not bigger than 150 x 150 pixels.
- Signature is not more than 400 x 200 pixels.
- GIF is allowed for signature. If your signature is larger than the allowed size, the moderating team have the right to request you to re-size and/or change your image. Failing which, shall result in removal of your signature.

If we happen to see any of you do not follow this simple rules, we will warn you 2 times and if you keep making the same mistakes, we would banned you from the forum.

We know that we have many rules to follow, but it is all for us. No one in disadvantages. Thank you.

VoiceYourSong staff.

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With love,
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